Flowers for the Home/ Office

Florist’s selection of the best seasonal flowers (min. three bunches) from our markets. Some for here, some for there!




The perfect, fuss-free option for adding gorgeous colour and life to home, office and more. These special blooms will be pre-conditioned and ready for you to arrange straight into your vases.

A minimum of three bunches will be supplied. The flowers will be of seasonal availability, and floral varieties may be different to the image shown. Trust our incredible team to select the very best for you. Please let us know your preferred colour theme in the note section and we will do our very best to provide that for you.

Unwrap flowers and re-cut each stem approximately 1cm on an angle. Place stems straight into a clean vase filled three-quarters full with water. Display away from direct sunlight, air-conditioning vents, and electronic devices. Over the course of the display’s lifetime, remove any spent blooms and leaves change water/recut 1cm from stems every three to four days. This will help you get the best from your flowers. You’re welcome!

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