NV Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Rosé

Its blend is made of 35% Chardonnay for elegance and finesse, 40% Pinot Noir for structure and colour and 25% of Pinot Meunier for fruity aromas. Its delicate porcelain pink robe and its rose, raspberry and bergamot aromas add up to a voluptuous and seductive wine that will impress all tasters. The porcelain pink robe is beautiful, livened by strings of bubbles forming a thin and consistent lace. Discrete on the nose, delicate with its citrus and bergamot fragrances, it then blossoms into melon and raspberry notes. The attack is bold, mixed with smooth and fruity aromas developing into Rose, Honey and Cinnamon. Its length and finesse will win all tasters. It is a delicate wine, perfect for aperitif but also on cheese such as chaource, brie, salers. For dessert, it will compliment a wild strawberry feuillantine or raspberry macaroons to perfection.

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A charming story of the old and the new. An old name steeped in the history of Champagne that had disappeared from labels since the 1950s. Alexandre Cornot, a young former art dealer and native of Reims, revived the brand in 2008 and set out on a quest for the “perfect Champagne House”. The wines are born in Aÿ, the historical heart of the Champagne region. Their quest for excellence relies upon access to the best crus in Champagne. Brimoncourt work with select growers focussing on Premier and Grand Cru vineyards that share the same philosophies, such as sustainable vineyard practices throughout the entire growing cycle: soil and vine nutrition, biodiversity preservation and a focus on strengthening of natural defences. As a company, Brimoncourt have developed carefully – volume and accelerated growth play no part in their strategy. The cuvées are low dosage and 100% tank fermented to achieve the stylistic goal of lightness, freshness and purity of fruit character. Elevage is extended beyond requirements to reveal great terroir expression. Minimum 3yrs for the Brut Régence and 4-5yrs for the Extra Brut.

Brimoncourt takes us back to the time when Champagne was a light and joyful wine a wine for drinking with friends and not at all formal or pretentious.


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