A soft, pastel palette available in bouquet or vase, ideal for all occasions!

Featured is the Premium size.

Please know that flowers are a product of nature. The seasons and floral varieties change frequently and there maybe changes to the floral varieties shown in the picture. The picture reflects the colours and style of the arrangement.

If you would like to know what is in season, please contact our team directly.



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This gorgeous display is designed by our team with premium, seasonal blooms including roses and orchids. Choose to have your flowers presented in either a bouquet or vase. Flowers also available in ‘Sunset’, ‘Under the Sun’ and ‘Bright and Bold’ palettes – view other offerings for details.

Choose our bouquet option and your flowers will be presented with our signature soft grey gift wrap, complimentary gift card and Ivy & Eve ribbon. We transport these beautiful flowers with a “wet pack” temporary water source to keep your flowers fresh. The size of bouquet and flowers is approximately 50cm H x 40cm W (larger with gift wrapping). Note that the pictured image is our “premium” bouquet option.

Select the vase option and your flowers will be arranged into a cylindrical glass vase. Delivered ‘ready to display’, included is a gorgeous white gift box for transportation, our signature Ivy & Eve ribbon, and complimentary gift card plus care instructions. The size of vase and flowers is approximately 50cm H x 40cm W.

Our incredible team will do our best to create an arrangement like the picture. Please know that as flowers are a product of nature, there may be a variation of bloom or slight colour difference to the picture. These differences are all part of flowers’ natural beauty.

Unwrap flowers, re-cut each stem approximately 1cm on an angle and place stems straight into a clean vase filled three-quarters full with water (bouquet option), or remove flowers from their gift box and ensure the vase is full (vase option). Display all flowers away from direct sunlight, air-conditioning vents, and electronic devices. Over the course of the display’s lifetime, remove any spent blooms and leaves change water/recut 1cm from stems every three to four days. This will help you get the best from your flowers. You’re welcome!

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